18 May 2024
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Gravel thrash | Summit Finish

The Gallows - a 116km gravel race on the 18th of May in the Langeberg region of the Western Cape. The course is a fast and scenic rollercoaster that covers a variety of terrain before spitting you out at the base of the mighty Galgeberg mountain. It's an absolute mammoth of a climb, especially after 100kms of racing.

The Gallows race starts at Lord's Wines and plummets down towards McGregor. If you’re racing, hold onto your panties because this section is bloody hectic. The descent into McGregor is gnarly, expect plenty of rattling, dust, bottles flying out of their cages as riders jostle for good positioning into the first bit of single track. For those that aren't “racing”, enjoy the sunrise.

At 9kms riders squeeze into The Hosepipe, a super tight 2kms fast and flowy single track that skirts around McGregor and shoots you off on the gravel rollers towards Bonnievale. From here there's a bit of everything, rolling hills, maze-like vineyards, a few tar sections, a couple of river crossings, a few more slivers of single track and before you know it you’re back in McGregor.

No point in buttering it up, the slog from McGregor to Lord’s is a heavy one. The rises take it out of you, especially knowing that the real climb hasn't started yet. Make the most of the water point at Lord’s Wines, because you’re about to tackle the hardest 12kms of your pathetic little cycling career. Embrace the sights, sounds and discomfort as you grind your way to the summit. See you at the top...

The route

McGregor, Western Cape, South Africa
75% Gravel, 100% Thrash
Water points
18 may 2024
Start Time
8:00 am
Cut-off time
5:00 pm
Drag to THRASH

The Rules


Stay on Course: Riders must follow the marked route at all times. Taking shortcuts or deviating from the course will result in disqualification.


Equipment Regulations: Unfortunately no e-bikes will be allowed to race. Each participant must start and finish with the same bike. The bike must be equipped with a functioning front light, rear light, and a basic repair kit.


Self-Sufficiency: Riders are expected to be self-sufficient throughout the race. No outside assistance is allowed, except at official aid stations.


Emergency Procedures: In the event of an emergency, riders should immediately notify the on-route ambulance or race official. Riders must race with a phone.


Obey Traffic Laws: When the course intersects public roads, riders must obey all traffic regulations and show respect for other road users.


Respect and Fair Play: All riders are expected to behave respectfully towards race officials, fellow competitors, and the local community. Unsportsmanlike conduct will lead to penalties.


Checkpoints and Cut-Off Times: All riders must pass through designated checkpoints and adhere to specified cut-off times. Failure to meet these requirements will result in disqualification.


Environmental Responsibility: Participants are urged to respect the natural environment and local communities affected by the race route.


No Littering: Riders must not litter along the course. Any form of littering will result in penalties or disqualification.


CSA License Requirement: All participants must hold a current Cycling South Africa (CSA) license. Proof of this license must be presented at race registration. The Gallows is a CSA-sanctioned race.


What type of bike is required for the gallows?

The Gallows is a gravel race, so a gravel bike is recommended. However, any bike that is comfortable for long distances and can handle a mix of terrains including gravel, dirt, and tarmac is suitable. Ensure your bike is in good working condition before the race. No E-bikes.

Are there aid stations on the route, and what do they provide?

Although The Gallows is a self-supported race, there will be 2 aid stations on the route. The 1st, at roughly 72km and the 2nd at 105km. The stations will be stocked with carb fluid, gels, Coca-Cola, water and assorted food. Please make sure you have what you need to fix any mechanical failures.

Do I need a timing chip?

No, you do not. The race is being manually timed.

Will the route be marked?

Yes, the course will be marked, however, it is important to load the route onto your bike computer. The GPX file will be available soon.

Are there spectator points to watch the race?

Spectators can support anywhere along the route. Spectators are not allowed to interfere with the race in any way. We encourage friends and family to sit down at Lord's Wines to cheer on the riders coming in before they tackle the climb. There's a great selection of food and drink here. The hairpins outside Heaven’s View will also be a great place to witness some suffering and give support when it's needed most. *Please note that we wish to keep the Galgeberg tar road clear of cars from 11 am - 4:30 pm.*

Is there a cut-off time?

The leaders are expected to finish in a time of around 4 hours (at 12:00). There will be a cut-off at Lord's Wines (105km) at 14:00. Cut-off times will be strictly enforced for safety reasons.

What can we expect at the finish of the race?

Riders will finish at the summit of the Galgeberg where their times will be recorded. Here they can grab their warm clothes (drop off spot will be at the start), hot chocolate or a beer and cheer on the remaining riders battling the climb. Once riders have caught their breath, we ask them to cautiously descend back down to Heaven's View or Lord’s Wines (keep left, go slow and be aware of riders coming up.) Cowbells welcome.

What should I bring?

Waterproof jacket (TBC leading up to race day)
Full charged front and rear lights (weather-dependant)
Gloves (TBC leading up to race day)
Fully charged phone with saved emergency contacts (to conserve battery, leave your phone in ‘Flight mode’)
Food, nutrition & hydrationHydration - minimum 1L capacity (bottles or bladder or both)
Race Number (mounted on handlebar or seatpost)
GPS device for route navigation

Where and when is registration?

Registration and race-bag collection will take place at Lord's Wines on Friday, 17 May (16:30pm-19:30pm) and Saturday, 18 May (6:30 am-7:30 am)

What accommodation is available?

Accommodation is not included. We recommend staying at Heavens View Mountain Resort. They are based halfway up the final climb and are situated 4km from both start and finish. This will be the location of the after-party, post-race and prize-giving.Other recommendations are Lord’s Wine farm (start) as well as the many great options within McGregor.

Is there an age restriction for The Gallows?

Yes, the age of participants needs to be 19+ by 31 Dec 2023.

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